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I Am The Present - Mentor Coaching

The new Awakening Coach, or a professional integrating Awakening Coaching into their practice for the first time, is often faced with difficult questions - Where to begin? How do I move forward? What is the right way to work with clients? How do I find new clients? Mentor Coaching is here to help.

Mentor Coaching provides expert guidance gathered from years of experience in the Coaching industry. Mentor Coaching gives you the support, advice and helps to manage the logistics of coaching, as well as simply offers a sounding board for brainstorming. Mentor Coaching helps you apply Awakening Coaching to your day-to-day life and to growing a coaching practice.

Mentor Coaching is designed for graduates of Awakening Coaching Trainings who would like the support of an experienced, Certified Awakening Coach. Our work together combines Awakening Coaching and mentoring. The focus is on you - the development of your Awakening Coaching skills and the building of your successful Awakening Coaching practice.

As your Mentor Coach, I will blend the powerful process of Awakening Coaching with my 10+ years experience as a Life Coach. I will provide you with resources, tools and tips that will support the foundation and growth of your practice. We will work together as you take positive steps to develop your confidence and skills and to establish your new Awakening Coaching practice.

My passion is to support you. Having created a rich and rewarding coaching practice over the years, my goal is to help others to do the same. My commitment is to create a supportive and safe environment in which you can explore and expand your vision of infinite possibilities. Feel free to contact me to explore how we can work together:
Email: Suzi@IAmThePresent.com
Phone: (772) 228-8361

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
M.K. Gandhi
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