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Awaken Coaching Training

Coaching is one of the most respectful relationships one can imagine: it is a way for one person to bring forth the innate gifts in another in shared respect, without any implication of better than, higher than, or more awakened than anyone else.

The Awakening Coaching Training, guides people to facilitate "awakening" with others and support them in this shift. Participants learn tools, techniques and practices to support people to pass through the shift in consciousness from being contracted down into the story of a "me," to the expansiveness of knowing yourself to be vast, silent, at peace, and not separate at all.

We have been experiencing total miracles with Awakening Coaching. Not only are people dropping deeply into spacious presence, into a love that has no cause, but, and more important, they are discovering how to LIVE LIFE from that spaciousness. Imagine bringing your heart's deepest knowing from the meditation cushion to the ones you love. Imagine bringing the ease and grace of a yoga session to the place where you work. Now imagine all the rest of your life in the same way too. We are finding that this kind of integration is possible, and even easy, once we let go of our outdated ideas of spiritual hierarchy.

The same people who are discovering these shifts in consciousness in themselves are also able to play them forward as they train to become an Awakening Coach.

Awakening Coaching Store
Find Books, CDs, DVDs, Seminars & Trainings to Support Awakening Consciousness

Judith Barr - Mysteries of Life

In a world that is drowning in "quick fixes," "band aids," and "get over it" philosophies for dealing with life's deepest and most personal issues, Judith Barr brings to clients a message of lasting healing... a message deeper than managing thoughts and feelings and controlling behavior... a message of healing to the core.

With a passion for safety and for healing to the root, and a commitment to helping heal and transform our world, one-by-one, Judith offers her healing expertise as a Depth Psychotherapist and Spiritual Midwife in an array of formats, including working with individuals, groups, workshops, and consultations…as well as training and supervision for healing arts professionals.

Through her book Power Abused, Power Healed and her many media appearances and speaking engagements, she teaches about the misuse and abuse of power in both the healing professions and in all arenas of life... and the vast, limitless healing that is possible!

Also visit: www.JudithBarr.com

Denise Holloway - Parent & Teen Coach

Parent and teen coach Denise Holloway loves working with parents of teens - taking them from fear and frustration to joy and appreciation. This came from her passion for helping teenagers and their parents during a time that is too often painful for both. As a parent, she experienced that pain and also found herself being her teen's only champion!

Joe Forte

Art is a powerful force. It can stop time, change our future and unlock emotions we thought were locked forever. The terms "arts" and "crafts" are used in conjunction today, but we cannot forget that a craft can be mastered with practice and patience, while art is a form that transcends the human spirit, demanding that we act and let the creation come alive on canvas.

Those who know Joe Forte, look past the wisdom and lines and focus on the eyes that have painted a thousand pictures. These are the windows to Joe's soul, a soul that captures magical moments in time and brings them to life for you and me to experience. Go ahead and explore. The life that changes may be yours.

Acupuncture with Laura Kara

Laura Shahinian Kara practices acupuncture in Westport and Bethel Connecticut. She brings 20 years of shiatsu therapy and an in-depth knowledge of the meridian system to her acupuncture practice. Specializing in Japanese acupuncture, specifically the work of Kiiko Matsumoto, Laura has advanced certifications from the Ohashi Institute in NYC and the British School of Shiatsu in London. She has taught at the Snowlion Center Healing School in Provence France (1997-2000) She graduated with honors receiving her Masters degree from Tri-State College of Acupuncture in 2003 and is board-certified by the NCCAOM and licensed in Connecticut.

Gene Krackehl - Energy Healing for the Mind, Body & Spirit

Gene Krackehl, LLC is an award-winning author, speaker, spiritual teacher, and renowned energy healer.

Evolved Nutrition & Nutraceuticals

Rachael Richardson has been a Licensed Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian since 2002. Richardson helps people become healthier and reverse chronic disease through individualized meal programs, supplement programs, and through a heightened level of nutrition education and awareness, she provides through her website and internet videos, media, and print.

She has helped people with diabetes, obesity, digestive problems, cancer, heart conditions, brain imbalances, bone and joint problems, sports goals, eating disorders, immune disorders, pregnancy, autism, and more.

Richardson is devoted to educating and empowering people to become healthier! She does this through her company, Nutrolution, which offers personal and business consulting and coaching, nutrition-based videos, written materials, and every nutraceutical under the sun.

Beside spreading good health through being a nutritionist, Richardson loves to cook for her family and friends, do yoga, play sports like soccer and volleyball, swim in the ocean, and learn new things, meet new people, and travel. You can contact her through her company's website: www.nutrolution.com

Jeannie Campanelli - Inner Confidence Coach

Jeannie Campanelli, Ed.D, CPCC, is a coach and author who partners with naturally-giving men and women who place other people's needs in front of their own. As a consequence, they are disconnected from themselves. Jeannie offers a free e-newsletter titled "Notes on Claiming Your Life as Your Own" to support you in feeling the serenity, vitality, and wholeness that comes from inner confidence. When you subscribe, you will receive gifts to support you in this journey home to yourself, including an e-course from "The Inner Confidence Workbook: A Guide to Claiming Your Life as Your Own" written by Jeannie. Visit www.innerconfidencecoaching.com

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