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I Am The Present - Awakening Coaching

What is Awakening?
Awakening refers to a state of "being" in which there is a willingness to continuously be present, conscious and live your life in the moment.

Awakening allows you to move beyond limited beliefs and the stories, resentments and resistance which you have created based on your past experiences and your "conditioned mind". Through awakening you fully experience what is actually before you in this moment.

What is Awakening Coaching?
Awakening Coaching is a partnership in which the coach supports you in living from heart centered awareness allowing you to realize your infinite potential in every area of your life.

As an Awakening Coach, I hold the vision of who you truly are, deeper than anything your mind tells you. Using highly effective and reliable tools, techniques and practices, you learn to shift your attention from thoughts, ideas and judgments about your experience to actually experiencing the moment. From this place, you are free from old patterns and limitations and you live your life with clarity, purpose and integrity.

Coaching sessions are available in person or by telephone. Sessions are individually designed to meet your personal needs.

For More Information
Email: Suzi@IAmThePresent.com
Phone: 772-228-8361

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